Country Air Vacation Kennels
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Country Air Vacation Kennels
Your dog will enjoy staying here at our countryside kennels. You will have peace of mind while you're away knowing that your dog is well cared for and happy.

Clean-Sanitary facilities with indoor/outdoor runs, heat and air-conditioning, soft music and access to fresh spring water at all times. Being a small kennel, each dog gets plenty of love, attention, and handling. The dogs have lots of human company and are checked on often. We welcome your inspection.

Less Stress for Your Dog
We work hard to make your dogs' visits here enjoyable with those extra comforts not ordinarily found in boarding kennels.

Play Area
You've probably seen dogs romping in the woods, chewing sticks, digging, chasing and rolling…having fun! This is why we designed our mountainside play yard. Shady, natural and safely fenced. Kiddie pool provided in the summer. The daily freedom to run releases any tension created by boarding and makes for a very enjoyable stay.

We will exercise and play with your dog individually every day in a fenced play area at a small additional charge.

We encourage you to bring your dog's bones, treats, toys, medicines, etc., for making him feel at home away from home. Food is provided, however, we are most willing to feed special diet food that you bring, and we will administer medicines to most dogs. We are not responsible for lost or chewed items.

Health Records
All new clients must bring veterinarian health records upon their first stay here. All dogs must be up-to-date on the following vaccines: DHLP, Parvovirus and Rabies. No Exceptions!

Kennel cough vaccines and Heartworm Preventative are required. Please seek your veterinarian’s advise on this.

The name of your dog’s vet is kept on record. In case of illness every effort will be made to contract him/her. If not available, our regular vet will be contacted. You will be billed upon your return.

We offer basic grooming, always done according to the owner's instructions. Your dog will be handled in a gentle manner and groomed with a personal touch.

Many people have their dogs groomed at the end of a stay here so that he/she is extra fresh and clean upon returning home. When done with a gentle, caring approach, and on a regular basis, most dogs enjoy being groomed. An added benefit of routine grooming is that it takes less time. This translates to a lower cost for you per visit. Most dogs require grooming every 6-8 weeks.

Dogs are bathed in mild, natural products that discourage fleas, but are safe to us, your dog and the environment. We only use insecticides (flea dip) on stubborn flea infestation, never routinely.
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